About World Micro

Why World Micro?

We recognize that clients in today’s market place, have a nearly unlimited supply of options to choose to support their manufacturing needs. Because of this, we are always striving to improve the value that we bring to our clients. World Micro’s two core competencies are:

1.       We help support new designs

2.       We help solve difficult supply chain issues

What We Do

Most of our clients are not aware of the value that comes from having access to so many high quality lines. We often are able to show them reduced costs or improved lead times by providing access to so many high-quality franchise lines. Solving difficult supply chain issues is a critical function of World Micro. Our roster of clients have come to rely on us for support in many of the below areas:

Design and Engineering Support

Supply Chain Management

Global Sourcing

Kitting Services

BOM Analysis/Cost Reduction

Supplier Consolidation Programs