Franchised Lines

Embedded computing platforms, single board computers, system on module, PC104, industrial motherboards.

Allied Components
Inductors, LAN magnetics, ferrite beads, custom transformers, toroids, common mode chokes, and RJ45 connectors.

Alpha Wire
Wire, cable, tubing and accessories

American Opto Plus
Wide variety of LED’s including SMD displays, through hole, cluster, super flux, high power, IR, custom and automotive.

Analytic Systems 
Ruggedized power conversion solutions, voltage converters, power supplies, battery charges, frequency converters

Anillo Industries, Inc.
Aerospace hardware, AN, MS and NAS series washers and stampings including in house tool and die design and fabrication

Leading supplier of computing platforms and solutions featuring a wide range of embedded computing products

Arizona Capacitors
Wound Film Capacitors and Filters for Industrial, Aerospace, and Military Applications

Atlanta Micro
High performance RF and microwave products – amplifiers, filters, splitters/couplers, switches, and tuners

Sensors to Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Power, Flood & More in Critical Environments

Barker Microfarads
Capacitors - AC motor Start, AC Motor Run, DC aluminum electrolytic caps.  Tubular caps for ballasts, strobes, timing, and filtering.

Leading Manufacturer of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

Central Technologies
Specializing in Passive Components including RF magnetics, power magnetics, DC converters, Ferrite cores, transformers, and non-magnetics.

China Electronics Corp
Largest Chinese Quartz-based timing device manufacturer.  Crystals, XOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs

DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies, LED power supplies, standard and custom power conversion products

CIT Relay & Switch
Broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial, and audio thru-hole and surface mount switches and relays.

High Current Inductor, SMD Power Inductor, Common Mode Choke, High Frequency Transformer, Chip Inductor, EMI Filter, Choke Coil

SMD bridge rectifiers, fast efficient rectifiers, switching diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, TVS and ESD surge protectors

Comtop Connectivity Solutions Inc.

Networking Products, HDMI, DVI, Audio/ Video, USB, AC/ DC Power Cables

DC fans, AC fans, DC blowers, AC blowers, fan accessories. Heat sinks and heat pipes.

Custom Suppression
EMI/RFI Filtered Interconnects and Assemblies, Filters and Feedthru Capacitors

CYG Wayon
Circuit Protection Products including Protection ICs, Power MOSFET & TVS, TSS, SBD, Low-cap TVS, GDT, CESD, MOV, SPG, PCM, SMD Fuse, PPTC, & Over Temperature Protection Devices

High-quality, ultra-reliable LED lamps and panel lights for sophisticated OEM and retrofit applications.

Degson Electronics
Founded in 1990, DEGSON Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of terminal blocks and precise molds in Asia.

Dip switches, Tactile switches, and other precision switches, such as Slide switches, Detection switches, Push & Lever and Rotary switches

ECE Co. Ltd
Switches, connectors, terminal blocks, Relays, resettable fuses, chip and bead inductors

Lithium Batteries, Power Battery Solutions, Ni-MH, Lipo, and Li-ion, Solar panels, solar controllers, and portable power.

EFC Wesco
Precision & Custom Film Capacitors, EMI Suppression Caps

Electronic Assembly
“Making things easy” for 7-segment instrumentation displays to sophisticated color touch-panel displays.

Europtronic offers a wide range of products, such as AC filter, DC link, snubber, high frequency, energy storage, EMI and general purpose capacitors for industrial and consumer applications.

Alkaline, lithium coin and cylindrical cells, nickel cadmium, nimh, zinc chloride, and lithium polymer for RFID applications.

FEMA Electronics
Color TFT LCD's, HighBright TFT LCD's, Touch Panels, OLED's, LED's

Leading Supplier of Industrial Flash Memory, NAND, SATA II & III, PATA, PCIe, eMMC, & Memory Cards

Speakers, Microphones, Transducers, Recievers, Buzzers, and other Acoustics

General Cable
Aluminum, copper, & fiber optic cables

Leading provider of SPI NOR and NAND flash memory products as well as ARM® Cortex™ M3 based general purpose 32-bit MCUs

Good-Ark Semiconductor
Diodes, Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Protection devices (TVS, Chip Fuse & Thermistor) MOSFETS (Small Signal & Power MOSFETS supported by Trench Technology)

Hobson Manufacturing
Military and Aerospace spacers, standoffs, terminals, eyelets, shoulder screws

Leading manufacturer of X and Y safety certified capacitors, high voltage capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitors, and safety disc capacitors.

Hong Kong Crystals
MHz Metal Can, Ceramic SMD, Glass Frit, Hybrid SMD Crystals, KHz Tuning Fork Crystal, and Clock Oscillators

Thick Film Resistors, High Voltage Resistors, Non-Inductive Resistors

Interquip Electronics
Manufacturer of Quartz Crystal Resonators and Oscillators, Voltage Controlled (VCXO), Temperature Controlled (TCXO), and Oven Controlled (OCXO)

IRISO Connectors
Connectors: board to board, compression, ESD, FPC/FFC, interface I/O, detachable, sockets, optical fiber, pin headers

Precision and Power resistors & Precision alloys

Optocouplers, Optoswitches, Transistors, Solid State Relays

Frequency control products. RoHS compliant, Quartz Crystals, Automotive Crystals, Quartz Crystal Oscillators, MEMS Oscillators

Jianghai America Inc
Radial, Snap-In, Screw, Polymer, Power Film and Super Capacitors

Kang Yang
Plastic and hardware components: spacers, light pipes, wire management, rivets, screws, anchors, gaskets, hole plugs, handles, card guides, bushings, clips

Keko Varicon
Overvoltage protective and EMI suppression components.  SMD multi-layer varistors, dual function varicons, EMI/RFI suppression filters.

Longwell Company
Power cords, wire and cable, cable assemblies, connectors, power adapters

MacLean Senior Industries
Leading alternative to Switchcraft audio products as well as RCA jacks, RJ45 Jacks, DSub connectors, and rocker, pushbutton, tactile switches

Mega Electronics
North American, International, and custom power cords, DIN rail, desktop, open frame power supplies and AC/DC, DC/DC converters

Major League
PCB connectors, SIM connectors, terminal blocks, IDC connectors, Bright Light connectors, shrouded headers, and Micro USB connectors

Microtips Technology
LCD manufacturing specialist including Character LCD’s, Mono Graphic LCD’s, Color TFT LCD’s, and custom LCD’s.

Resistive-foil sensors, strain gages, PhotoStress equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems, and supplies.

Industrial power supply manufacturer, AC/DC DC/DC Converters, Isolation Amplifiers, and Communication Interface Modules.

Nakagawa Electronics
Crystals, resonators, tuning forks, XO, VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO, filters, duplexers, ceramic discriminators &traps.

Designs, manufactures and markets LCD, LED and Gas Plasma Displays and Electrical Noise Suppression Components

On-Shore Technology (OST)
Interconnects, Terminal Blocks, and Cables

Orient Display
LCD glass panels, LCD modules, Full color TFT LCDs, LCD backlights, touch panel and LCD heaters

Connectors – Power, Card Edge, VDSL, Futurebus, DIN41612, SFP(+), USB, SIM card, RJ Mod Jack, FFC/FPC, Wire-to-Wire, Wire-to-Board; Headers

LED Drivers, AC/DC & DC/DC Power Converters

Para Light Electronics
SMD LEDs, LED Lamps, 7 Segment, DOT MATRIX, LED Light Bars, IR LEDs, Circuit Board Indicators, LED bulbs and signage

Pegasus Wireless Products
Low cost alternative to add M2M communications to existing products

PIC GmbH. 
Reed switches, sensors, hall sensors and magnets

Picker Components
Power PCB Relays, General Purpose Relays, Signal Relays, Automotive Relays, Solid State Relays

Plastic Capacitors
Plastic Film and Paper Dielectric Capacitors, High Voltage Transformers, Power Packs

Leading provider of M2M wireless modules - GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+, LTE, GPS/GNSS for telematics, mobile POS, metering, security, tracking

Crystals, Oscillators, Integrated Circuits, and Wireless Charging Solutions

Clock Oscillators, Crystals, Bandpass Filters/Duplexers, Programmable Clocks, Resonators and SAW Devices.

RCD Components
Resistors, Capacitors, Networks, SMDs, Chokes, Temp. Sensors, Delay Lines, Inductors, Coils, and Transformers

Renata Batteries
Leading manufacturer and supplier of coin cells for watches and many electronic product areas including medical technology, RFID, radio control, metering, and many more….

Renice Technology
Leading Supplier of Solid-State Drives, VPX, SATA, PATA, USB 3.0, SSD Peripherals, Controllers, NAND Flash Analyzer

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors, DC Link Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, EMI Filters, Chip Beads, Inductors, and Power Capacitors

One of the world’s top manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors.

Illuminated Silent switch, illuminated tact switch, navigation module switch, LED illuminated light switches, rotary switches

Smart Modular Technologies
DRAM Modules, Removable Flash Storage, Embedded Flash Storage, DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, DDR

SMC Diode Solutions
High reliability discrete manufacturer providing diodes, rectifiers, & various die and wafer products, including high voltage silicon carbide Schottky rectifiers.

Taisaw Technology
Leading manufacturer of high performance communication components: crystals, XO, VCO, VCTCXO, and SAW devices.

Top manufacturer of plastic-film capacitors geared toward automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Tepro Vamistor
Wirewound Resistors, Current Sensing Resistors, Metal Film Discrete Resistors, Thin & Thick Film Resistors, Surface Mount Resistors

ASICs. MCUs, & Microprocessors

Develops, manufactures and markets components including quartz crystals, oscillators, ceramics & SAW devices.

Tantalum, Ceramic, and Film Capacitors, Varistors, Transistors, and Various Diode Products

Crystals, Oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO products

UTC Unisonic
Power Management, and Audio Power Amplifier IC, supplemented with Motor Controller, OP, and TR

Nanocrystalline cores, common mode chokes, current transformers, closed loop current sensors, gate drive transformers and power transformers

Leading manufacturer in LED industry and a pure vertically-integrated LED company, specializing in LED chips, LED packages, LED light engines, and LED full luminaries.

Visual Communications Company LLC (VCC)
LED Displays, Panel Mount Indicators, Light Pipes, Custom Indicators, LEDs, Circuit Board Indicators, Panel Lenses and Clips, Lamps, Lampholders, and Lighting Accessories

Thin Film, Power, Leaded, and Current Sensing Resistors, RF Inductors, Chip Beads, Common Mode Filters and Power Inductors.

Wall Industries
Manufactures and markets a full line of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies

Terminal Strips, PCB terminals, DIN rail terminal blocks, network systems, wire management, and circuit protection.


YS Tech
Industrial AC and DC fans and blowers, heat sinks, assemblies, power cords and accessories

Zeus Battery
Custom battery pack manufacturer, primary and secondary cells, chargers, and automotive jump starter packs.

Zippy Technology
High Performance Industrial Power Supplies and Micro Switches