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Graphic and Character LCD Displays

LCD Graphic and Character Modules

Many applications in industrial control, medical, computing and military require a LCD Graphic, Character, Alphanumeric, or VFD display to show data. By partnering with leading vendors from the USA, Europe, and Asia, World Micro supplies every kind of display used in virtually any application. If you need it, we will find it.

World Micro is a Franchised Distributor for a leading Global LCD Manufacturer - Microtips Technology.

To Buy and check our MicroTips Inventory list, please click on the Buy Now Logo above, or call Elliot Kim at 770-698-1924 or via email at

The following is a partial list of the different types we represent:

aa 7-segment numeric format, decimal points in between numbers. Time segment symbols present in most models. A number of models have plus, minus, arrow and other common symbols preceding the numbers. Monochrome and Color Graphic Modules.

aa We offer one of the largest selections of Graphic Modules from leading manufacturers in Asia and the United States. We work with companies such as VW, Audi, Samsung, Danaher, etc. We source products providing excellent quality at a low cost.

aa Our product offerings for Character Modules covers the complete range available. At all operating temperatures and sizes, we can satisfy your form, fit, function, and price. Our manufacturers work with the leading OEMs, worldwide.

aa We offer complete solutions to meet all your small form-factor LCD requirements, including custom designing your requirements. Sizes for 1.9" Mobile Phones, Less than QVGA, QVGA (320x240), HVGA (640x240), VGA (640x480) to fit all applications in any operating environment.

We Source LCD Solutions worldwide For our OEM and CM Customers In Medical, Industrial, Military, Consumer, Computing, And Gaming Applications

7 Segment, Character, Graphic, Color STN, Color FSTN, Monochrome, Vacuum Flourescent Displays, Active ColorTFT, Medical LCDs, etc.

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