Orient Display

Orient Display is a Chinese-US joint venture that is your complete LCD solutions manufacturer and supplier. We specialize in producing all types of electronic products including color TFTs, embedded LCDs, touch panels, LCD heaters, backlights, character and graphic LCDs.

We strive to become the top LCD solutions provider through quality products, exceptional customer service and building relationships based on trust. You become our family when you work with us so your needs are ours.

Whether it’s our standard products or a custom project, quality is always our first priority. We continually optimize our process so we can provide our clients with the best combination of pricing and timing.

With how fast technology changes, constantly learning and staying open-minded helps us stay on top of our game especially when we’re striving to be the best in our field. Brush up on your LCD knowledge with us!

With office branches and distributors worldwide, we are well equipped to assist clients as promptly and effectively as possible. With over 90% of inquiries responded to within 24 hours, clients are always in the loop which helps ensure an optimal customer service experience. Contact us!


LCD Modules, TFT LCDs, LCD Backlights, LCD Heaters